Workplace accidents, high arduousness
Minify loads handling by your workers
Maximize you activity productivity

Kross : the electric smart trolley to carry anything, anywhere, effortlessly

Kross is an electric smart trolley that carry up to 250 kg effortlessly.
it transports any kind of load, on any terrain, even the most inaccessible, with no effort and no training required.
Thanks to its sensors and electrical energy, Kross is the French Tech tool to gain in productivity by mechanizing horizontal handling and drastically reducing workplace accident and long term injuries due to the carrying of heavy loads. It is designed for professionals in Construction, Public Works, Industry and Communities.

Public works

New functional construction sites

Construction (offices, housing, ...)

Heavy and conventional rehabilitation


Asphalt worksites

Road and waterproofing worksites

Maintenance staff

Scaffolding installation / uninstallation

Cement sites, oil sites, nuclear sites, ...

Town halls

Green spaces

Anything ?

Props Plots Landscaping Tools Waste Formwork elements Barriers Scales Cement bags Cable drums Machines heavy Tools Plants Sand, cement, concrete Gravats Cinder blocks

Anywhere !?

Kross accesses all spaces, even restricted ones and without crane access. It can be used in basements as well as upstairs. It is designed to withstand water, mud, uneven terrain, uphill and downhill. Kross follows each step of your activity


By anyone !

Our technology is designed to allow everyone to work without fatigue or loss of time, in areas where human handling brings to much arduousness. Kross is the ideal tool to guarantee the safety of your staff, usable by absolutely all your employees and subcontractors :
- Safe speed and emergency locking system
- Handle designed by ergonomists
- Tool eligible for CARSAT / CRAMIF subsidy schemes


Kross incorporates the K-Ryole technology. It allows everyone to pull several hundred kg of load effortlessly. This technology works with a real-time effort measurement system. The measured information is transferred to the electric motors, which instantly cancel the traction effort.
Kross responds to 3 major findings:
- Load handling is responsible for 50% of work-related accidents
- Load handling is responsible for the majority of MSDs
- Less than 1.5% of employees on the site are women.


Safety and corporate responsibility

Reduce MSDs and handling fatigue No noise pollution, no air pollution Limit the risks of accidents (less manual handling)


Horizontal handling mechanization

Transport 1 ton of material per hour 1 day of handling = 1 hour with Kross Handling 6 times more productive

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your companions' lives,
Boost your productivity.


A global service

Rental, maintenance in 48 hours, fleet management. Kross is also a tailor-made service, adapted to the needs of professionals.